Author: Tony

Africa’s Gateway to Digital Assets

On Financial inclusion

The tools to build a decentralised financial system that solves the problem of financial inclusion in Africa already exists. Companies/ services like Micromoney International Bitcoin æternity SPECTRE Omise Co., Ltd. SmartMesh Foundation LaLa World YourBlock CIVIC Ethereum and many more have already built the major parts.     The hard part of coupling all this…
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The Why

Why are building Intrupay According to the World bank, over $34billion was sent into sub-Saharan Africa globally in 2017. Migrant populations sending money home to families and friends in Africa. This is met with some serious problems like very high transactions fees, about 9.5% on the average, and up to 20% in some channels, the…
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The Where

Intrupay is a solution that would enable anyone, anywhere in the world to send funds using Cryptocurrencies to Africa (Starting from Nigeria, kenya and Ghana), so this solution is for #Africa. Africans have to leave home to other countries, this migrant populations settle down overseas and from time to time send money home to loved…
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