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The Where

Intrupay is a solution that would enable anyone, anywhere in the world to send funds using Cryptocurrencies to Africa (Starting from Nigeria, kenya and Ghana), so this solution is for #Africa.

Africans have to leave home to other countries, this migrant populations settle down overseas and from time to time send money home to loved ones. This remittances are faced with lots of challenges especially high fees (up to 20% in some channels) that is over $1.85 billion in overcharge, then their is the serious delays in the transfer.
Also, sending funds across African countries (South Africa to Zambia, Malawi and Botswana) have recorded the highest average transfer fees in the world.

Some African countries like Liberia, Lesotho and Gambia have global remittances account for over 20% of the GDP. This goes to show how important remittances are in Africa, a more efficient solution is required in this space.

Intrupay integrating with the Stellar Blockchain will create a new and better way for Africa to access global remittances.
Using the Blockchain, we have reduced fees by over 1000% and boosted the speed of the transactions to minutes.

Better days Africa

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