On Financial inclusion

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On Financial inclusion

The tools to build a decentralised financial system that solves the problem of financial inclusion in Africa already exists. Companies/ services like Micromoney International Bitcoin æternity SPECTRE Omise Co., Ltd. SmartMesh Foundation LaLa World YourBlock CIVIC Ethereum and many more have already built the major parts.



The hard part of coupling all this decentralised systems, to create a new type of financial inclusion that is resilient and works is what Cryset is focused on. Only one fundamental problem remains, how does value flow into and around Africa in a coordinated way with all this systems having their own individual value tokens? This is where Intrupay comes in!!! Intrupay is a gateway for value transfer into Africa on the most basic level. Using Intrupay as a channel to aggregate different decentralised systems value tokens and Cryptocurrencies, we can build a decentralised financial system that can include all Africans and provide them with basic financial services that a traditional bank refuses to offer them(Loans, insurance etc ), this would go a long way to reduce poverty and hunger in Africa. Visit cryset.com to follow us on our journey

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