The Why

Africa’s Gateway to Digital Assets

The Why

Why are building Intrupay

According to the World bank, over $34billion was sent into sub-Saharan Africa globally in 2017.

Migrant populations sending money home to families and friends in Africa. This is met with some serious problems like very high transactions fees, about 9.5% on the average, and up to 20% in some channels, the highest in all the regions. Also, it takes days sometimes weeks in some cases for your loved ones to finally get hold of these funds or endure standing in long queues.

This is a very expensive and painful process that most Africans have to endure. This is the major problem Intrupay sets out to solve. Using Blockchain technology, intrupay is able to remove most of the redundancies along the value chain to deliver a highly efficient service. We are creating a service that would eventually let you send money from anywhere in the world to Africa in mere minutes at a fraction of the cost.

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