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A leading contributor to Africa’s blockchain emergence, We are focused on using blockchain technology as a tool to guide and add value to the African way of life. Our objective ultimately to revolutionize the continent’s economy using distributed ledgers. Cryset is enabling a decentralised financial system that leverages the blockchain to create a more efficient structure that includes everyone, everywhere in africa and empowers them financially.


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We stand out as pacesetter and your prefered partner to help you deliver your solutions to the far regions of Africa.

Crypto OTC Brokering

With our partnerships and affliations with major trading desks in New York, Hong Kong and London, we are always ready to supply you your Crypto and bitcoin needs in record time. 
Large Volumes are no longer a problem.

Blockchain and Crypto Training 

We work with the best blockchain training institutes and also organise blockchain trainings, meetups and conferences to teach and educate the masses about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Business Consulting

We provide professional advice and assistance in setting up your business entity in nigeria, partnerships, blockchain business promotion and scaling your business in nigeria, and marketing resources.


Workstation Blockchain Week  

This workshop intends to give lagosians interested in learning about Cryptocurrency or Blockchain technology and its verticals, a full week of high-level, ground-up, step by step education about the space, how to make money, use-cases, applications and opportunities.

Date: 10th -15th Sept 2018

OTC Trading Desk

Are you looking to buy Bitcoin?

Buying bitcoin from exchanges can be diffcult especially when you are looking to buy large volumes or buying with local fiat. Put a call across to us to get your your crypto at the best market rates now in your local currency.

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Our Pilot Project

Global Remittances for Africa- Intrupay

Africans pay the highest fees for global remittances. It was estimated by the World Bank in 2017  that the average fee to send money to Africa was about 9.5% and up to 20% in some corridors. This adds up to over $1.85 billion in over charges.

Intrupay is a gateway for payments and remittances for Africa built on the Stellar Blockchain. Our solution is set to disrupt the way global remittance will be sent to africa.

Features of Intrupay

Faster tranfers

What used to take days now takes minutes.

Cheaper transfers

We have brought down the fees by over 1000%.

Peer to peer

Peer to peer transfers with you in control of your funds.

Pay bills

Intrupay would also let you pay bills using cryptocoins.

Latest News and Updates

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On Financial inclusion

The tools to build a decentralised financial system that solves the problem of financial inclusion in Africa already exists. Companies/ services like Micromoney International Bitcoin æternity SPECTRE Omise Co., Ltd.[…]

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The Why

Why are building Intrupay According to the World bank, over $34billion was sent into sub-Saharan Africa globally in 2017. Migrant populations sending money home to families and friends in Africa.[…]

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The Where

Intrupay is a solution that would enable anyone, anywhere in the world to send funds using Cryptocurrencies to Africa (Starting from Nigeria, kenya and Ghana), so this solution is for[…]

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