Empowering Africa with the Blockchain

Cryset is set to disrupt Africa with cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Cryset is a leading Blockchain services provider and distributor in Africa. We build software and partner with Blockchain startups that are looking to extend their market and product reach to Africa. Our objective ultimately to revolutionize the continent’s economy using distributed ledgers. Cryset is creating a decentralised financial system that leverages the blockchain to create a more efficient structure that includes everyone, everywhere in africa and empowers them financially.


Our Focus

Decentralised Architecture

All our solutions are geared towards a decentralised peer to peer economy that gives people control of their wealth.


Our mission ultimately is to use our products to improve the lives of Africans and improve the continient for the better.

Financial inclusion

We intend to create a new type of financial inclusion  that banks the 320 million Africans already excluded.


Our solutions are paving the way for payments and remittances using blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Our Pilot Project

Global Remittances for Africa- Intrupay

Africans pay the highest fees for global remittances. It was estimated by the World Bank in 2017  that the average fee to send money to Africa was about 9.5% and up to 20% in some corridors. This adds up to over $1.85 billion in over charges.

Intrupay is a gateway for payments and remittances for Africa built on the Stellar Blockchain. Our solution is set to disrupt the way global remittance will be sent to africa.

Features of Intrupay

Faster tranfers

What used to take days now takes minutes.

Cheaper transfers

We have brought down the fees by over 1000%.

Peer to peer

Peer to peer transfers with you in control of your funds.

Pay bills

Intrupay would also let you pay bills using cryptocoins.

Roadmap & Milestones


Cryset project is launched

Market research and feasibility studies done for Intrupay

Intrupay beta testing
Launch intrupay in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

Expand  Intrupay to 3 other African countries.

Business and government  partnerships in regions of operation


Launch Android and IOS app for Intrupay

Private and public beta testing for PaybyC.


Launch PayByC for merchants

Launch prepaid cards and local pickup points.


Add other P2P services like Insurance services.

Expand to other countries in Africa.


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The Where

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